Algedi Farm 2011-2012 Sales Agreement


Name (or sire and dam if unborn): Sex: Color (if applicable): Age (if applicable): Price:

A deposit of $_________ was sent on_________ using (please circle) cash/money order/personal check/paypal.

Full amount of $___________ was sent on_________ using (please circle) cash/money order/personal check/paypal.

After full amount has been received by Algedi Farm, the animal will be ADGA registered in buyer's name at Algedi Farm's cost.  Registration in any other registries is fully the buyer's responsibility. 

A $50 deposit is required to reserve an unborn kid.  A $100 deposit is required to hold a born animal. 

Deposit is non-refundable to the buyer changing their mind.  If a deposit on an unborn kid is not filled, buyer may chose to have their deposit refunded, moved to another available breeding, or carried over to the next kidding season (if carried over, deposit does not hold price).  No deposit will be taken based on color of coat or eyes.

All kids are dam raised - no exceptions.  Dam raised kids are given attention daily, and are usually trained to a bottle by the time they leave Algedi Farm. 

Any kid must be paid in FULL by the time it is six (6) weeks old.  If payment is overdue, a $100 late fee will apply.  If the kid is still not paid for by the time it is eight (8) weeks old, the kid and any previous payments will be forfeited.  If you need a different type of payment plan, this MUST be agreed upon before a deposit is sent.

Any adult animal or kid purchased when over six (6) weeks of age must be paid for in FULL within four (4) weeks after deposit is received.  If payment is overdue, a $100 late fee will apply.  If the adult is still not paid for six (6) weeks after the deposit has been received, the animal and any previous payments will be forfeited.  If you need a different type of payment plan, this MUST be agreed upon before a deposit is sent.

Kids must be picked up by twelve (12) weeks old, unless other arrangements have been made.  Kids will not be allowed to leave the farm before eight (8) weeks old, unless to an approved, experienced home.  No kid will be shipped before it is eight weeks old, no exceptions.

Any adult must be picked up within eight weeks of purchase, unless other arrangements have been made.  If the animal is here longer than eight weeks, a $1.00 a day boarding fee will apply, unless the animal is a lactating doe.  In that case, a $2.50 boarding fee will apply.

Once an animal is paid in full it shall be considered the property of the buyer and any resulting vet bills will be the responsibility of the buyer.  All animals are guaranteed healthy at time of sale.  Algedi Farm will disclose any previous health issues to the best of our knowledge.  We annually have a vet draw blood and test for CAE and Johnes, and have always had negative results.  In the unlikely event a kid dies here before it is fully paid for, the buyer may choose to have their money refunded or moved to another available animal.

Algedi Farm is happy to have any animal checked over by a vet before sale at buyer's cost.  Should the vet not find the animal healthy, the buyer's money shall be refunded.

Shipping (if needed) will be via Continental through Portland, OR, which is a 560 mile round trip.  Shipping is estimated at $500, which includes a crate, vet certificate, transport to airport, and actually shipping fee.  Price may vary with the cost of fuel and flights.  The animal will not be shipped if all fees have not been paid.

Farm pick up is available, and strongly encouraged!  We love to show our "kids" off!  Delivery to shows we are attending is available for no extra charge, however keep in mind that circumstances can change, so delivery is not guaranteed.  Do NOT buy a kid/adult counting on this.

Algedi Farm does not guarantee height, conformation, or milkability.  Algedi Farm does guarantee the animal will be free of any disqualifying defects at time of purchase.

If an Algedi Farm buck is consistently producing extra teats, undescended testicles, parrot mouths or any other kind of defect, or is producing glaringly obvious conformation faults we will replace him with a buck of equal value with photo evidence of faults/defects, castration of buck, and vet verification.  If the buck appears to be infertile under five years of age and the buyer complies to all of Algedi Farm's recommendations to supplement said buck and no improvement was seen, the buck would be replaced under the conditions above.   We would not charge anything for the replacement buck, however the buyer would be responsible for all transportation fees.  

Algedi Farm reserves the right to cancel the sale at any time and refund the buyers monies.

All sales are final.

In the event the buyer chooses to sell an Algedi Farm goat in the future, Algedi Farm requests first right of refusal.

I, the undersigned, agree to these terms.


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