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CH Algedi Farm D Capella

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Capella winning her first Best of Breed and Best Udder of Breed as a three year old, second freshener.

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Capella's ADGA Genetics page.


What can I say about this little girl?  Finally, a miniature Zenith!  At only 20", Capella is long, level, elegant and eye-catching.  She picked up her Jr. Grand the first time she set hoof in the show ring, where the judge called her 'exquisite' - and we agree.  Capella does lack the smooth shoulders that her dam carries and that extremely level rump (though hers is very near her dam's), but she makes up for it in improved body capacity and width, more angular rear legs, and brisket definition.  She stands on straight front legs, and strong pasterns, and is an extremely balanced doe.   The one unfortunate way Capella mimics her dam is the fact it's near impossible to get a picture to properly show her off, she's one of those does that really looks much better at liberty in the pasture.  Capella's udder has certainly risen to meet our expectations.  She freshened with an absolutely beautiful first freshening mammary system, with great capacity, a clearly defined medial, strong side attachments, a high rear udder, plumb teat placement, and a shelf-less foreudder.  She does have a very slight foreudder pocket, and I would appreciate larger teats and orifices, however soft texture makes her easy to milk out, even when full. 

Her show career as a milking doe is off to a fabulous start - at her first show she was first place twice, and second place once to a very mature second freshening two year old.  When Capella was chosen as Sr. Grand in one ring, the judge said "This doe caught my eye as soon as she walked into the ring.  She's one of the most modern Nigerians I have ever seen.".  Every judge she's shown under has praised her heavily for her outstanding general appearance, having "the best topline in the class", her fluid movement, and, of course, beautiful udder.  Capella has surpassed all my expectations for her, I couldn't be more pleased with her for finishing her permanent championship as a first freshener!



Capella showing off her near ideal topline while on the move.  She had not been milked out yet, but she did have a kid on her.

Show Record:


Type Of Win:  


ADGA Best Of Breed One
ADGA Best Udder Of Breed One


Sr. Grand Champion



Jr.  Grand Champion



1st Place Udder


ADGA 1st Place Dam & Daughter One
ADGA Part of 1st Place Produce of Dam One
ADGA Part of 1st Place Dairy Herd One



Kidding Record:








Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey *S
2011 1 1 CH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter *S
2012 2 0 CH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter *S

 Grand Total: Seven Kids


Linear Appraisal History:

Year: Height: (Inches) General Appearance: Dairy Character: Body
Mammary: Final Score:
2008 15 V V + - V
2010 19.5 V E E E 89 
2011 19.5 V E E E 90 



(Thumbnails - please click to enlarge)

Year: Freshening: Body: Udder:
2009 N/A N/A
2010 First
2011 Second
2012 Third    



Examples Of Progeny:

2010 Kids:

(Sired by Manuka)


Algedi Farm MH Andante

 3 x 1st udder, 2 x Sr. 1st, 1 x Sr. 2nd, 1 x Jr. RGCH


Algedi Farm MH Aria

1 x 1st udder, 2 x Sr. 2nd, 1 x Jr. GCH

Photo courtesy of Adobe Acres.

2011 Kids:

(Sired by Jupiter)

Picture soon.

Algedi Farm DJ Melodica

1x Jr. GCH

Algedi Farm DJ Steel Guitar

1 x GCH, 1 x Jr. GCH

Picture courtesy of Trilogy Ranch.
2012 Kids:

(Sired by Jupiter)

Algedi Farm DJ Piper


Kalee's Notes:

Capella is quickly becoming a farm favorite, both in terms of conformation and personality.  She's a very soft, mild mannered doe who is extremely sweet, but not pushy in the slightest.  She's perfectly content with just standing quietly awaiting me to notice her and give her attention, and if I don't notice her after while, she feels a gentle tug at my shirt will suffice.  She's adapted very quickly to the milking routine, and will even respond to voice commands on when I want her on the milking stand.  She is an absolutely fabulous mother who is my most protective doe of her kids.  When needing to do anything 'mean' to her babies (i.e. administering shots), I have to take them out of the pen or I end up with Capella in my lap, trying to defend me AND her kid from the "Evil Syringe".  Like Zenith, I will always retain a kid so she gets to keep one.  Unfortunately Capella becomes very high strung at shows and is reluctant to eat or drink.  Because of this, her milk production drops and she doesn't bag up nearly as well as I'd like.  The fact that she finished her CH title as a first freshener while in this state makes me even more impressed with her!


Sire: Dam: Dam's Udder:
Algedi Farm DJ Desperado - Reference CH Rosasharn's TL Zenith E90 3*D  


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