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Our wethers (castrated bucks) are dam raised to ensure they're off to a healthy start - but don't worry, the everyday handling they get makes a super friendly goat.  Not only would these sweet little boys make wonderful pets, they could also double as eco-friendly fire fuel clearers, not to mention they're a lot cuter then any machine.  By the time they're ready to go to a new home by twelve weeks old, they'll be disbudded and humanely castrated.  Our price reflects the time and care we put into our kids, making sure you'll have a healthy, happy goat that will live a long life.  Our goal is to have happy customers that don't have to rush their babies to the vet.  Scroll down to see pictures of the available kids.

Names can be changed if desired.

Wethers are $125 each, discounts to approved homes and multiple purchases.

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Buck Kids

Here at Algedi Farm we feel very strongly in selling only the best for herd sires that we would use ourselves.  Any kid you see here will not be castrated if he doesn't sell, instead he will be added to our breeding program and show string, then sold as a proven herd sire at a later date (unless we can no longer part with him!).  We feel so strongly about improving the breed, we'd love for you to ask us about our buck guarantee.  Because we know adding a buck is an important decision we will be happy to answer any questions honestly and to the best of our knowledge.  Bucklings will only be sold to approved homes.

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Doe Kids

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Mature/Yearling Animals

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Sales Policy

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Algedi Farm goats are sold to good homes only.
A good home is one that provides *all* of the following:
* lots of love *
* a clean, dry, protected shelter *
* fresh water, good quality hay and minerals *
* secure fencing to keep goats in and wandering dogs out *
* a large enough area to run, jump, and play*
* good hay for growing babies, and grain for lactating does*
* a safe environment free of hazardous materials, including poisonous plants *
* regular worming *
* access to a goat veterinarian *
* routine hoof trimming *
* a caprine companion *
* lots of love *

Herd Management

Here at Algedi Farm we believe that the best way to approach animal care is by promoting excellent health in an effort to avoid  costly treatments.  We feed top quality orchard grass hay and alfalfa hay to our does.  When does are milking they are fed a high quality organic grain ration and black oil sunflower seeds that is top dressed with powdered probiotics and supplemental herbs.  For wethers we recommend NEVER graining and giving only good quality grass hay.  A highly recommended book is Diet For Wethers by Carolyn Eddy available through Hoegger Goat Supply.  Goats are provided with free choice GOAT minerals and kelp.  We use Fir Meadows Herbal WormerBWW for parasite control in our milking does, and Ivermectin for our kids, retired does, and bucks.  Our pens are large allowing for plenty of exercise on a daily basis, and the milkers/kids are allowed out daily (weather permitting) to run, browse and play on our fenced thirteen acres.  Our goal is for our goats to be very friendly, and they get a good deal of hands on attention.  Even though kids are dam raised they are handled daily (several times a day by the two-legger), played with and well loved.  A kid purchased from us is sure to be extremely friendly.  Kids are disbudded as soon as horn buds are noticed.  All   Because we separate our kids overnight (we want that milk!) all kids must learn to take a bottle.  Our herd is vet tested  CAE & Johnes free yearly.  Our herd is currently free, and has always been free, of CL abscesses.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions - we love to talk goats!




  How to spoil your goat


Ok, so Mom's already explained the basics.  But I have some tips that will help make your goats happy and healthy.  #1 To keep your goat's coat shiny you should feed them their minerals, but brushing them is good for their coats and most goats like it!  They seem to get all sorts of hay and stuff like that in their coat, so brushing their coats the wrong way and then the right way will get all that stuff out!  #2 On a cold day your goats will be reluctant to drink their water since it will be ice cold.  I bring out a bowl of hot water with vinegar and maple syrup with a TINY drop of molasses .  The less molasses the better.   Your goats will love you for the hot vinegar and maple syrup water!  #3 Most goats like to be scratched on the withers, breast bone, and neck.  #4 Goats not only like grain (milking does ONLY, please!) and hay, but they LOVE Unsalted Black Oil Sunflower seeds, Banana Chips, UNSWEETEND dried fruit like Raisins, Craisins, etc., Carrots broken in to small pieces, Oranges and the peel, Banana peel, Apples in small pieces and pumpkin seeds.  All these thing should be given as a RARE treat ONLY!  You don't want to make your goat sick!  #5 When you're milking offer your doe some hot water after milking. Ok, That's it for now!   ~ Kalee