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GCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M

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Zenith strutting her stuff as a six year old, fifth freshener while winning another Best Of Breed.

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Zenith's ADGA Genentics page.


Zenith is a true miniature dairy goat, and brings attention to herself where ever she goes.  She's very refined and elegant, with a long body, uphill and level topline, a sleek neck that leads to a beautiful, correct head, and flat, open ribs.  She's basically dripping with dairy character, and many judges have commented she's what a Nigerian should look like.  She stands on strong feet and legs - pasterns perky, and toes tight - even at eight years old.  She does have a slight toe out on her forelegs, and I wouldn't mind a tad more rear angulation.  Zenith does lack overall body capacity and width, something she's been ever so slowly adding with age, but I'm not complaining, as at eight and having twenty-eight kids from seven freshenings, she still looks like a four year old.  Her udder has been called "phenomenal" by judges, and it's easy to see why.  Zenith boasts a high rear udder, broad area of attachment, strong lateral attachments, a tight medial ligament, plenty of capacity while it is still high above her hocks, and decent texture.  I wish she had larger teats and orifices, however.  While she does have nice extension to her foreudder, unfortunately she does have a slight pocket and shelf.  In 2008 she kidded with quintuplets, all of which survived and stayed on their dam.  Even with feeding the small army, she still produces 1/3-1/2 of cup of excess milk twice a day.  Makes me wish she was on milk test that year!

Congratulations to Zenith's son, Algedi Farm H Hurricane Jimmy, for becoming a +B sire!

Note: Zenith had to have an emergency rumenotomy (cutting open the rumen and cleaning it out) to save her life the end of April.  She contracted a very severe case of frothy bloat due to a high fat feed or/and to much alfalfa or/and "hot" clover.  Because of this she was not able to compete in any 2010 shows.  At this point we are just so thankful to our vet that Zenith is alive.

2011 Update: Zenith has recovered amazingly well, and is back in the show ring racking up the BOBs (she won five rings out of eight, forfeiting two to herdmate Tupelo Honey, and one to daughter, Capella)!  Our vet did a wonderful job, Zenith shows almost no sign of the ordeal - only the slightest trace of a scar mars her hide.  She kidded with quads this spring, has held onto her body conditioning beautifully, and has had no problems with bloat.  This may be attributed to our introduction of a Sweetlix Bloat Guard Block in the milker's pen.  We will now never be without one!


Show Record:


Type Of Win:  



Best Of Breed



Best Udder Of Breed



Sr. Grand Champion



Sr. Reserve Grand.



1st Place Udder


ADGA 1st Place Dam & Daughter One
ADGA Dam of 1st Place Produce of Dam One
ADGA Part of 1st Place Dairy Herd One


Kidding Record:








Rosasharn's UMT Hamachi *S




Copper Penny Royal Kaliber




Rosasharn's UMT Hamachi *S




Algedi Farm DJ Desperado




CH Algedi Farm Smokin' Hot Honey *S

2010 4 1 Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey *S
2011 2 2 Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey *S
2012 1 1 *B Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter

 Grand Total: Thirty Kids


Linear Appraisal History:

(Permanent score in bold)

Year: Height: (Inches) General Appearance: Dairy Character: Body
Mammary: Final Score:
2006 22.5 + E + V 87
2007 22.5 V V V V 87
2008 22.5 E E V E 90
2010 22.5 E E V E 90
2011 22.5 E E V E 90



(Thumbnails - please click to enlarge)

Year: Freshening: Body: Udder:
2003 N/A N/A
2004 N/A N/A
2005 First
2006 Second
2008 Fourth
2009 Fifth
2011 Seventh  
2012 Eighth



GCH Zenith (left) with daughter, CH Capella (right), after winning Dam & Daughter at the District 7 Specialty Show in 2011.

Examples Of Progeny:

2005 Kids:

(Sired by Hamachi)

 GCH Algedi Farm H Lady Venus 1*M

 2 x BOB, 2 x BUOB 3 x Sr. GCH

Photo Courtesy of Odeon Ranch.

CH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter *S

LA2011 EEE FS91

2 x BBIS, 5 x Sr. GCH

2006 Kid:

(Sired by Royal Kaliber)

CH Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna

LA2010 VEVE FS90

1 x BDIS, 3 x BOB, 4 x Sr. GCH, 1 x Sr. RGCH

Photo Courtesy of Alethia Farm.

Stella Luna's udder

Photo Courtesy of Alethia Farm
2007 Kids:

(Sired by Hamachi)

SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain

LA2010 VVEE FS90

LA2011 VEEV FS90

 2 x BOB, 3 x Sr. GCH

Algedi Farm Thunderstruck *S LAVEE FS90

1 x RGCH

Photo Courtesy of Odeon Ranch.

2008 Kids:

(Sired by Desperado)


CH Algedi Farm D Capella

LA2011 VEEE FS90

 1 x BOB, 1 x BUOB, 2 x Sr. GCH, 1 x Jr. GCH

Algedi Farm D Maia

1 x BOB, 1 x Sr. GCH, 1 x Jr. GCH

Photo courtesy of Adobe Acres.

2009 Kids:

(Sired by Smokin' Hot Honey)


Algedi Farm SHH Cassiopeia

LA2011 VVEV FS86

1 x Sr. RGCH (Restricted leg)

Algedi Farm SHH Apogee

 1 x Jr. GCH, 2 x Jr. RGCH

Photo courtesy of Dragonfly Farm.
2010 Kids:

(Sired by Manuka Honey)

Algedi Farm MH Buck Rogers

Algedi Farm MH Solaris
2011 Kids:

(Sired by Manuka Honey)

Algedi Farm Jealous OfThe Moon

Photo courtesy of Trilogy Ranch.

Algedi Farm MH Moonlace

Photo courtesy of Alethia Homstead.


Kalee's Notes:

Zenith, or 'Bug' as I call her, is my favorite goat in many, many aspects.  She's a very sweet, affectionate doe, who loves attention and gives "goatie hugs" (she presses her chest to me before she leaves after a petting session).  Bug is usually a very easy kidder, she absolutely adores babies - often watching over all the kids born that year, and has tried to steal herdmate's kids.  She's a pleasure to work with easy to lead and show, and gives me no trouble when it's clipping time.  She also has a fun personality, and is very vocal, constantly talking to her kids, scolding me for not graining her first, and I think she just plain old likes the sound of her voice.  Zenith would be the last goat I'd part with, not just because she's beautiful, but because she's also my friend.


Sire: Dam: Dam's Udder:
ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L +*S 'E' ++B +AE 82 ARMCH Rosasharn's Eclipse 2*D 'E', 2*M EEEV 91 Picture taken at ten years of age!
Photos courtesy of Rosasharn Farm.

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