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Goodbye, our beautiful queen.

Home of ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.  Our motto is quality, not quantity!


For now, I plan for this (2012) to be my last kidding season, as least for a few years. We are sold out, and are so thankful to our many wonderful customers! Best of luck with your Algedi Farm goats!

We are in support of the ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck Height Proposal.

 Algedi Farm is located in the beautiful woods of Applegate, Oregon. We breed Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats with the primary goal of high milk production and correct conformation.  To that end we have done milk test in the past and hope to again in the future as time permits, we regularly participate in Linear Appraisal, and we show our goats as much as our schedules will permit.   We chose Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats because they are the perfect goat for the small acreage and  a delightful family goat.   With their charming personalities, quantity of milk production that is suitable for a family, and the incredibly delicious tasting milk, they have quickly won our hearts.  If you have never experienced goats before you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Our only disappointment is that we did not find Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats years ago.

Our herd is built primarily on Rosasharn stock.  Recently, we have incorporated Twin Creeks, Camanna, and Castle Rock bloodlines for genetic diversity. 

We annually have a vet come out and draw blood for CAE and Johnes testing.  We have had negative results since we started breeding in 2002.

We are often asked what Algedi (Al-ged-ee) means.  Algedi is the mega alpha star on the constellation Capricorn and the literal translation is "the kid".    Since our farm is for two legged and four legged kids it seemed like a good name to us!

Our goats are kept safe by a small herd of llamas and three livestock guardian dogs.

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GCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith enjoying a lovely summer's day.


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